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Welcome, I'm Jen!

Thank you for reaching out and seeking a professional organizer---sometimes this is not an easy step. My inspiration for organizing came out of my love to help people. It’s an amazing feeling to start organizing with people who are feeling anxious, but then feeling more at ease and reassured, as our practice continues.

Organizing for me is more about building relationships, than organizing the stuff.  Our business builds valuable connections by listening. We listen to what you’re saying and what you’re not saying. To that end, we use an integrative approach, where we began to understand that our role is not only to organize your ‘stuff’ but how organizing your ‘stuff’ will benefit other areas in your life---We call this SHiFT™.


SHiFT™ evolves over time while working collaboratively, and addresses:  Social, Health, I am deserving, Finances, and Time ---areas that are most impacted by chronic disorganization. The benefits of this method are profound and powerful. A client said, “When you come to my house, what you are doing is learning my tastes, attitudes, and feelings about things, which informs you, so you know how to talk me out of keeping ‘I don’t know’ items, or to accept that I want to keep them. You listen and accept my decisions even on questionable items, or will talk me out of some things by using my criteria. You know when to change my area of focus when I get bogged down on making decisions.” As you can see, there has been a SHiFT™ in my client’s perspective, because we address the whole person, not just the stuff.


Through this ongoing practice, we approach organizing from all angles, bringing into being a more balanced life. You’ll learn new practical skills, become more self-aware, learn new positive habits, and with continued practice---you'll feel hopeful and fulfilled.



Jen Cazares, CPO-CD®, CVPO™

Co-Founder of SHiFT™

Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization®

Certified Virtual Professional Organizer™


Tara Sager, Professional Organizer

Meet Tara,

Our Newest Team Member!  

Tara is super-efficient, has a warm personality, is very patient, and she is a dream to work with!  Since a teen, she has loved to organize, clean, decorate and rearrange household furniture for maximum ascetics, functionality, and enjoyment---turning your house into a warm home. Oh, and if you’re moving, she loves to pack and unpack your things in your new “forever home”.  We can’t wait for you to organize with Tara!

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Simply collecting or owning lots of things does not mean someone has Hoarding Disorder. Ask us what it means to have Hoarding Disorder, and what sets it apart from Clutter, Collecting, and Squalor.