Kitchen to Table Organizing

Having an organized kitchen is great. Knowing how to use it to its fullest potential AND eating healthy meals is even better. 

A Healthy Life Begins in the Kitchen

Through the Kitchen to Table Organizing service, you can take out all the guesswork and learn the basics of healthy foods, how to meal plan and how to cook from a food industry professional. You can live the healthy life that you dreamed of with more energy and hop in your step.  


Does This

Sound Familiar?

  • You only use the microwave to heat up food 

  • You aren’t sure how to prepare food 

  • You are unable to eat at the dining room table

  • Your pantry and refrigerator is filled with processed “food” 

  • You are so busy that you can’t help but order fast food often

If that sounds like you, we understand. It’s easy to prioritize everything but your physical health. But without your health, you will not be living your life to the fullest potential. Take control and decide to start eating healthier today. 


What is the Kitchen to Table Organizing service?

As part of the SHIFT™ method, the physical health of our clients is important. The Kitchen to Table Organizing service was created to help those that are struggling to stay organized AND struggling to eat healthily. This service provides help from the kitchen to your dining table by teaching you the fundamentals of healthy whole foods, how to cook, how to meal plan, and so much more. 


As a certified professional organizer in chronic disorganization, I have witnessed many clients' meals consist of takeout and processed foods. Most professional organizers are able to help organize a kitchen, but unable to provide clients with knowledge in food, nutrition, and other health and wellness areas. But I can. 


Prior to becoming a professional organizer, I had over 20+ years of industry experience. I was a chef, caterer, restaurateur, culinary instructor, and even a manners and etiquette teacher. Food was my life. It still is and food affects your life too. That is why we created this add-on* service to provide the knowledge and skills that we have and share them with you. We want to support you to become a healthier you. 

What’s Included?

Nutrition 101

Learn the basics of healthy foods without feeling overwhelmed. I break it down into simple terms and teach you what’s important and what matters.


Kitchen Health Check-up

Develop a list of healthy foods that are in your fridge and pantry and inform you on what foods aren’t benefiting you health-wise. 


Onsite and Virtual 'Live' Culinary Instruction

Learn cooking skills in the comfort of your own home. (You can also get the family involved!)

Meal Planning

Getting started can be hard. What do I plan? What do I buy? I can help you with basic meal planning and meal preparation. 

​Weekly Check-ins

Healthy eating is a journey. I keep you accountable so you can become the healthiest version you can be! We do weekly check-ins via email or text. 

Ongoing Coaching

1-hour sessions via Facetime or Zoom to address any challenges you face and to celebrate your wins (available at an additional cost) 

In-home Meal Prep

I can help you get organized in your own kitchen and preparing meals for easy assembly.  

Prepared Meal Service

Don’t have time to prepare or cook your own meals? I offer nutritious meals. (available at an additional cost)

Proper Kitchen Tools

Stop using the wrong kitchen tools. I can show you the proper kitchen tools and gadgets that will make all the difference in your cooking experience As a result, saving you time and money. 

Vegan Meal Ideas & Prepared Meal Service

Interested in a vegan option? We provide those too. (available at an additional cost)

Need a Certified Personal Trainer?

Ann Affinito - Movement is medicine. It clears your mind, increases energy, and makes you feel alive. Don’t know where to start? Work with a personal trainer. She currently offers Virtual Personal Training for those who live out of her travel area (available at an additional cost).

Get Organized. 

Get Healthy for the Life You Deserve. 


Prior to becoming a professional organizer, I had over 20+ years of industry experience. I was a chef, caterer, restaurateur, culinary instructor, and even a manners and etiquette teacher.