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A Healthy Life Begins in an Organized Kitchen.

As the new year begins, I am sure you have made some New Year's resolutions of your own. The most common ones include exercising more, eating healthier, and being more organized. Yet, you find yourself slacking on one or the other when the month of January comes to an end.

2020 is the year we realize the importance of our health. Healthy eating shouldn’t be something that we hope for; it is something we should strive to do every day for the sake of our physical and mental health.

It is easy to stop eating healthy and exercising after the few first weeks of motivation and excitement wear off. After the motivation wears off, we reach for the most convenient things. More often than not, it looks like takeout, microwavable meals, and processed foods.

This new year doesn’t have to be like that. Because you already know the secret to eating healthier. It isn’t about following a strict diet, working out non-stop, or dieting at all. The secret is an organized kitchen.

An organized kitchen makes eating healthier foods easier. You no longer have to rely on your beginning of the year motivation - all you need is to make your life in the kitchen easier.

It’s easy to settle for unhealthy food when your kitchen is cluttered and messy. And even more so when you have no clue or time how to create a healthy meal.

Let’s make this year different.

5 Ways to Make Healthy Eating Easier

1. Understanding Your Food

There is plenty of information on the internet telling you what is healthy and what isn’t.

Many websites tell you what’s right, what’s not, how much you should eat, when you should eat it, and so much more. This can get so overwhelming and exhausting that you want to give up already.

Understanding the nutrition value of food is important. You can always search that up, but you know what you cannot search?

Your favorites and your not so favorite foods.

Understanding what you like and don’t like is the first step to eating better.

  1. Make a list of all your favorite foods - fruits, vegetables, meats, etc.

  2. Then make a list of things you don’t like.

Don’t force yourself to eat things you really don’t like. I emphasize really because sometimes there are foods that just aren’t prepared to your taste. I urge you to try food in different ways before you decide you don’t like it.

If you hate kale, don’t force it just because everyone says it's good for you. Find a healthy substitute that you do like instead. Forcing yourself to eat something you don’t like will make eating healthier unsatisfying and unfulfilling, and that’s the last thing we want.

After you learn about what you like and don’t like, look them up on Google to see if they are right for you and learn as you go.

Incorporate what you like and what’s healthy, and eat less of what isn’t.

If you want to take out all the guesswork and understand all the basics first, you can learn more here.

2. Meal Planning & Prepping

People are busier than ever these days. You don’t realize that you are hungry until it's too late. By that time, you don’t want to cook, much less prepare ingredients. Instead, you reach for whatever is easiest and fastest. This often means stopping by a fast food place, heating a microwavable meal or eating processed foods. Unfortunately, these options aren’t the healthiest.

One way to have food ready when you are busy is to prepare it ahead of time by meal planning and prepping.

Meal Planning

  • Make a list of all your favorite recipes

  • Pick and choose a few recipes you’d like to try for the entire week

  • List all the ingredients that you need in one convenient list

  • Shop for everything you need in one day to save time at the grocery store

Meal Prepping

  • Spend one day prepping your meals for the week.

  • Place and portion your food in containers your choice

  • Store in the fridge and heat up when hungry

By planning and preparing your meals ahead of time, you save time thinking of what to cook, washing dishes, and multiple trips to the grocery store. Not only do you save money and time, but you also eat healthier too. Since the food is already there, you can easily reach for it and this time it's healthier too.

Meal planning and prepping takes a bit of practice, but the benefits make it worthwhile.

If you have no clue what you are doing and want some help, I also offer meal planning and prepping services in my newest Kitchen to Table organizing service.

3. Inventory & Pantry Check-Up

An inventory check of your kitchen and pantry will change the way you shop for food and bring awareness of things you may not have noticed before.

An inventory can show you:

  • Things you buy a lot of and eat

  • Foods that you don’t eat but still buy

  • Healthy and unhealthy foods

  • Expired foods

By seeing what you have and don’t have in stock, you can make a conscious choice to buy or remove things that no longer fit into your meal plan.

Don’t want to do inventory often? An easy way to get out of it is to organize your pantry to know what you have in your kitchen. Make sure each item is easy to access so you can see everything at once glance.

4. Getting the Right Tools

Cooking is fun, especially with the right tools.

Having faulty or damaged cookware is not only dangerous but also frustrating. I know I'm not as likely to cook if my food sticks to the pan no matter how much oil I use. I also don’t enjoy cutting or chopping as much if my knives are dull.

Fun fact: Dull knives are actually much more dangerous than sharp ones. Instead of worrying about safety and getting frustrated, I recommend finding good quality cookware.

Find the tools you love to use and work well.

Get quality cookware you are excited to use, and that will last you for a long time.

5. Organize the Kitchen to YOUR Convenience


Every great kitchen has flow. Your cookware, utensils, plates, and knives all have their place. By organizing your kitchen, you can cook without having to stop and interrupt your cooking rhythm constantly.

Organizing your kitchen helps you save time and makes cooking more enjoyable.

First, think about what you use in the kitchen the most.

Then place those items where you can easily access them.

Make all your cookware convenient for you and how you move in the kitchen—place knives where you can reach. Put cutting boards near the knives to make it even easier.

Whether you work left to right or right to left when cooking, have your tools in order so you can easily flow with it and not ruin your flow.

Healthy food is essential

Make sure you fill yourself with nutritious packed foods that make your body and mind happy. By applying these five simple tips, you can begin saving time, money and eating healthier in no time.

If you are ready to live your healthiest year and would like some support, I offer a Kitchen to Table Organizing service to help you organize your kitchen to maximize flow, teach you the basics of healthy eating, help you meal prep and plan, and so much more.

As a professional organizer, coupled with 20+ years of experience in the food industry, I know the importance of an organized kitchen and its impact on healthy eating. Don’t let your health take a back seat again this year because of a messy kitchen. Take control of your kitchen and start eating healthier today.



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