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I'm so humbled by this Testimonial.

I retired in 2012 after working for over 40 years and raising four children. My home of 42 years was deeply in need of decluttering and downsizing. I fully expected that I would finally have time to do this, not realizing that my ADHD would be an obsticle that I couldn't overcome. After six years of failure, I found an online organizing program that was suited to people with ADHD and could be an answer. Eight months into it, I found that it was working in part. But, the job was so overwhelming I decided it would take too much time to reach my goal. I couldn't do it alone and I really needed help.

I went back online to search and found an organization named National Association of Professional Organizers.

I discovered there that Jennifer Cazares was certified and lived in the next city to where I live! I sent a request and Jennifer responded immediately! She sounded so warm and inviting and happy that I contacted her. Jennifer would become the answer to my prayer. Actuallly, she goes above and beyond that. She lit a fire within me. Turns out, she is very warm and happy to help with your project. I've worked with her for five weeks now and the transformation of my home is amazing to me. It's been a delight to work along side her. She offers her awesome steadfast support, guidance and encouragement along your journey. She has stayed in contact with me on an 'off' day and inspires me to think about what I want to accomplish in the next session.

I am so motivated by her that I continue the work on my own during the remaining days. As a result, I feel more in control and not immobilized, less overwhelmed by clutter and more proactive. It's like getting out of jail from the chaos and finally feeling free! The future tasks become more clear and achievable for me. It's truly elevating! All because Jennifer came to my rescue and turned my world right side up.

Cathy, Pittsburg, CA

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