Virtual Home Organizing vs. Coaching Services (& their many benefits)

Many assume organizing is a talent that we are just born with.

That is not true.

Like all skills, from brushing our teeth to driving a car, organizing is a skill that we learn somewhere along the way.

If organizing, for you, has been challenging, that's okay.

Organizing is a skill that can be developed and refined over time with practice. Not everyone is taught how to organize, but with the help of the internet, you can easily find a professional organizer to help you.

Having a professional guide you through the process can save you time from organizing every day to spend more time doing what you want.

Now, I believe organization is an essential service.

I also believe organizational services don't have to stop when the world is at a pause.

With virtual organizing and coaching services, you can get organized safely from anywhere and anytime. But what is the difference between the two?

What Is Virtual Home Organizing?

Virtual organizing is organization done with the help of the technology at your fingertips. With a certified virtual professional organizer, organize the space of your choice to best fit your needs and lifestyle.

Virtual organization is perfect for those who want help and accountability at a distance with the same support, care, and expertise as in-person organization services, with even greater flexibility.

The practice of Virtual Organizing also can't be any greener — all done from the comfort and safety of our homes without the commute.

Benefits of Virtual Organization


  • While in-person services require blocking half days, virtual organization offers one-hour increments to fit into any part of your day.


  • Work together to keep you on track on your organization goals

Continuous Support

  • Stuck? Overwhelmed? Reach out through email or text for any additional questions between sessions.

Cost effective

  • Virtual organizing is more affordable than in-person organizing. The quality of help and support is the same but made much more affordable because there is no need for commuting or an on-site minimum.

You Control the Room (Literally)

  • You get the satisfaction of putting your room in order with a little guidance

Work Together Anywhere

  • It is hard to find a professional organizer that you click with. Now you can work with your favorite organizer no matter how far they are.

"Thank you, I know it’s different doing this virtually, but nothing would have happened today without our call. Thank you!"

Grateful Client from Reno, Nevada

Virtual Organization is perfect for:

  • DIY-ers who need some guidance

  • People who prefer to not have someone in their home

  • Those comfortable with technology

  • Small projects (e.g. a pantry, office files, linen closet, coat closet, drawers, etc.)

  • Self starters who are responsible and do their “homework” after the call until we meet again

  • Those with Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

VO is not suited for those who are/have:

  • Those who are not very tech-savvy

  • People with hoarding disorders

  • Health issues that prohibit them from lifting and moving things in their home

  • Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), or any other Chronic medical condition

What is Coaching?

While virtual organization and coaching are both done online, they are quite different.

Coaching is less about organizing physical clutter in the home and more about organizing mental clutter.

During coaching sessions, we work together to help you organize your ideas, thoughts, and struggles to create a plan and clear path towards your goals — big or small.

Benefits of Coaching

Build a Strong Foundation and Routine For Your Day to Day

  • Clarify your goals and break them down into actionable steps you can take every day to get closer to achieving them

Accountability and Support to Keep You Going

  • Frequent check-ins along with text and email support as needed

Help With Decision Making, Clutter Issues, and Paper

  • Understand and work through decisions together to make life easier

Learn Your Cognitive Style

  • Take advantage and apply your cognitive style to work to the best of YOUR abilities

SHiFT™ Your Thoughts

  • Use the SHIFT approach to create "breathing space” to practice the skills of making space in your home and mind

"Hi Jen, I felt really good [today]! It was like you took the bones of what I had and gave it muscles and skin if that made sense. Because I kept putting the bones in the wrong place. I’m actually excited to keep working on it. Which is a first for me!”

Grateful Client from Concord, CA

Coaching Services are perfect for those who want:

  • A calm and safe environment to get a handle on their “AD/HD” energy (even if they’re not AD/HD)

  • Professional support when overwhelmed or stuck

  • Work through mental clutter and gain control of their life

  • Establish a positive and productive daily schedule

  • To challenge and improve themselves all while recognizing their strengths

  • A supportive coach that pushes you and cares about your progress and achievements

Coaching Services are not suited for those who:

  • Want their home organized for them (see in-person services or VO)

  • Aren’t ready to dive deep into their thoughts and learn more about themselves

  • Want instant results

Before you go...

With virtual organizing, your progress can feel slow and maybe even frustrating. I understand that as our sessions are one hour and usually one to two times a week. Think of it this way — getting disorganized didn't happen overnight, and getting organized won't happen overnight either.

Whether it through coaching or virtual organizing services, it takes time for change to happen. It's about progress — to form new healthy habits and systems for organizing, which takes time. Real change takes patience and practice, practice, practice, for life.

Livable Spaces offers virtual organizing and coaching services. As a Certified Virtual Professional Organizer and Coach, I have worked with people everywhere to help them organize and clear their physical and mental space.

Are you ready for more clarity and space in your life?

Get started with a FREE 30-minute consultation to see which service fits you best by clicking the button below.



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