"What a beautiful thing!"

A week before 'shelter in place' and 'social distancing' went into effect, Livable Spaces spent a week organizing a house and garage of a family, who wanted to live in healthy, clutter-free place they could call "home". To that end we went to work! Here's what they had to say: "Jen and her team spent a week with my wife and myself to organize our entire home.  We went room by room to review contents, determine what to keep and what could be donated/pitched and how to thoughtfully organize each space to minimize clutter and maximize efficiency and flow.  While this may sound like an easy and straightforward project, it took a significant amount of upfront planning, time, patience, collaboration, determination and focus.  Jen is very effective and results-oriented in her approach to working with people who may have very different philosophies and perspectives on organization to achieve a balanced, mutually satisfactory solution.  The end result was that our entire house (garage included) is now reasonably clutter-free and nicely organized.  We could not be happier with or more grateful for Jen’s help and support.  Many thanks for everything, Jen!"

Fred K. - Lamorinda

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