You take the time to understand who I am.

A potential client asked for a reference (the first time I've been asked). So I asked a current client if she'd be my reference. So would, and did---she spoke to this potential client for over an hour! This is what she described she told the potential client: “I told her that we have good conversations when you come here. What you are doing is learning my tastes, attitudes, and feelings about things, which informs you, so you know how to talk me out of keeping the "I don't know" items, or to accept that I want to keep them. She liked knowing that you will listen and accept her decision even on questionable items, or will talk her out of some things by using her criteria. She also liked that you will change the area of focus if she gets bogged down on making decisions over a certain pile of items. These are just some of the topics we discussed. I don't know how much you do is just because you are a nice person, and how much is included because it is part of your job description. I'm sure that she will hire you!” #livablespaces #orgnizingforlife #bayareaorganizer #CPOCD #hope

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