Virtual Organizing & Coaching

More and more people are working from home, especially as we navigate through these unprecedented times in response to combat the spread of Covid-19---that’s why Virtual Organizing is so important, now!  With shelter-in-place and social distancing orders in effect, it’s more important than ever to take these necessary precautions, but that should not derail your commitment to staying focused and accountable to

continue your organizing projects.  









What is Virtual Organizing (VO) and how does it work?

Imagine me in your home, but instead we’re talking through a mobile device or Zoom.  That’s it.  You get the same coaching, guidance, and support you’d get if we were side-by-side, but I’d just be supporting you from a mobile device. We’ll use a platform that’s comfortable to you, like FaceTime or Zoom (Zoom is a great solution as it  can be used with an Apple, PC, or Android devices). VO most effective if we “meet" on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, tracking your progress, discussing upcoming tasks, and addressing questions. In between sessions, you will work on your organizing assignments. If you have questions in between, I will be available via email for continued support.



Benefits of Virtual Organizing

  • It’s more affordable because I can offer 60 to 90 minute sessions, which is not feasible with on-site organizing minimums

  • We can focus on one, manageable area in your house so it’s not so overwhelming

  • Provides greater flexibility, now you don’t have a block out hours for a half day organizing session

  • It offers accountability, which is key to long-term success and sustainability 

  • Can compliment your on-site sessions, or can be a stand alone service 

  • Shadow your progress, just like I’m in the room with you

  • In between sessions, you are free too reach out for support, if you have quick questions or find yourself “stuck"

  • Need an Organizer Coach when you get stuck, this is the perfect solution, especially when you need solutions and talk strategy!

  • You can Join from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device

What kinds of services can we do virtually?

We can do many things that we’d accomplish if I were on-site.  It’s best to work on small projects, one at a time, so we stay focused on the project at hand.  I’m a 'coach organizer’ and can coach you on time management, paper and mail, and other related issues.



Is Virtual Organizing Right for You?

I know Virtual Organizing isn’t right for everyone, but it maybe right for you?  It’s a collaborative process and it can be just the right solution. These are some questions to consider:  

  • How tech-savvy are you (don’t worry I can walk you through getting started with the Zoom App)? 

  • After we work virtually, are you able to continue on your own for another hour or so, or complete “homework” before our next video chat?  You know yourself best—be honest with yourself.

  • Are you comfortable with DIY projects? 

  • Are you self-motivated (if not, think of me as your accountability partner—you can do this!).  

  • Do you have the right tech equipment (a computer, smartphone or tablet)?  


We can definitely talk about any of these issues, and unique challenges BEFORE we move forward.  Please call or text me at 925-367-8300, to schedule your initial, 30-minute consultation call. 

I’m here to support and coach you through the process.


"We’re in this together!"






How do I get started?

After our initial consultation call, and it’s determined you are a fit for Virtual Organizing,

we’ll move forward as follows:

  1. I will email you Livable Spaces LLC - 'Virtual Organizing Service Agreement' (please sign and return via email), AND you will receive ‘getting started’ action items to be completed before our first session

  2. We will schedule your Virtual Organizing session(s)

  3. Pre-pay for your services (using Venmo (@livablespaces), Paypal (livable spaces), Google Pay (925-367-8300))

  4. Download Zoom app free version (or we can use FaceTime, if you’re an Apple user), so it’s on your computer, tablet and/or mobile phone, and ready to go. (Note:  There are plenty of ‘how to’ videos about Zoom on if you’re so inclined to check them out)

  5. Be ready to get organized on your scheduled time and date!


Flatten the Curve Rate: *$95/hour


“Look no is on the way!"

Organizer Coach

As an Organizer Coach, my role becomes very powerful as we collaborate to support your goals.  As an Organizer Coach you can count on this short list benefits: 

  • Help you with decision making, clutter issues, time management and paper

  • A robust compliment to on-site organizing, or even as a stand alone option (e.g. virtually/phone)

  • Collaborate to help you find solutions when you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed

  • Adapt a system that’s designed around your cognitive style, so you feel more grounded

  • Shift your current thoughts to create "breathing space” so we can ‘practice’ the skills of making space (in your living area and your mind)

  • Teaming up with an Organizer Coach is a calming and safe environment to get a handle on your “AD/HD” energy (even if you’re not AD/HD)


Flatten the Curve Rate: *$95/hour

*Take full advantage of this introductory offer


Using FaceTime or a Zoom Meeting is a great way to connect!

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