Organizing Services

Workplace Productivity Specialist

From time to time you may need a new perspective and vision, and someone you can trust to give you had an extra hand to manage a project or unique circumstance. We bring over 12 years of professional human resources, as well as experience in marketing,  time management, event planning, and more, to the table!


Our aim is to help you increase your productivity by improving paper-filing, electronic organization, time-management, and more.

Inventory Services

We're excited to offer Airtable, a powerful cloud collaboration service that handles any content you throw at it. I have implemented this service to answer the #1 question:

"Where is my (_______)?!"

While organizing your garage, storage units, or your collections, with this tool, you will not only know where your item is, but how many you have, with a picture to boot and so much more!  

We can add attachments, long text notes, and checkboxes. There's also powerful filtering, sorting, and grouping---Looks like a spreadsheet, acts like a database.

*Airtable is available with your organizing package and will be customized to your needs as a "read-only" service.

NOTE:  The cloud collaboration component is an additional service that can be purchased at any time.

what our clients say

“Jen managed to leverage all her resources in a way that led to some marvelous outcomes! Not only was the house and all it’s contents completely organized, cleaned, and/or cleared out, but the metamorphosis that occurred resulted in a complete and total renovation and remodel of the house along with an extremely happy and satisfied client!” 

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As a Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization® (CPO-CD®), I am uniquely qualified with the knowledge and experience to help you with chronic disorganization, hoarding disorder, aging, or ADHD issues.